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October 10th, 2016

How to get over a reading slump

reading slump

Over the last few weeks, the dreading ‘reading slump’ happened to me. Having taken a couple of months off working due to family reasons, I managed to get through 20+ books in that time. Then a few weeks ago I started a new job and started studying part-time and boof… any motivation I had to read disappeared.

As any book lover knows, going through a reading slump is painful. There’s nothing better after a hard day than cuddling up with a good book. So when tiredness mixed with having other responsibilities means you just stop reading altogether, it really sucks!

Here’s how I’m managing to get out of my reading slump:

Move onto another book

When I go through a reading slump, I usually find it’s because the book that I’m reading just isn’t gripping me enough. If I’m struggling to have the energy to read in the first place, having a book that just isn’t interesting me enough won’t help. It’s often not that the book is bad – it just isn’t the right book for that point in time. Try something totally different and that maybe requires a bit less mental effort.

However if that doesn’t work…

Try an audiobook

Apart from when I was a kid I haven’t used audiobooks. I much prefer holding the physical book in my hands and making up voices of my own. However audiobooks seem to be quite popular with BookTubers so when the reading slump hit me this time, I figured I should give it a go. When you’re tired and busy with other things, being able to listen to a book instead can help you work your way through your TBR pile still. You can multi-task which helps if you’re super busy, such as listening to the book while you’re cleaning or driving.

Read some book blogs or watch some BookTuber videos

I always find reading about or watching other people talk so passionately about books reminds me of how much I miss reading. It usually gets me so excited about certain books or new releases that I just have to pick up a book.

Check out my guest blog about my favourite Booktubers.

Browse Goodreads

Similarly, browsing through Goodreads always helps me get my reading mojo back. Whether it’s reading the reviews of a great sounding book or looking through my recommendations, it gives me the nudge I need to start reading again. Or if that doesn’t work, seeing my Goodreads challenge often helps!

Buy some new books!

This is just an excuse to buy more books but still, sometimes buying a new book can encourage me to start reading again. Then once I’ve read that I can start again on my absolutely monstrous TBR pile. Or buy another new book. Whatever.

Have you ever experienced this? What are your tips on getting out of a reading slump?

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