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July 9th, 2016

Things I use as a bookmark

books as bookmarks

… Instead of just using an ‘actual’ bookmark.

Does anyone else do this? I have plenty of ‘actual’ bookmarks I could use but I never seem to be able to find one when I need it.

After reaching a new level of desperation yesterday and using a sweet wrapper (yes, really), I decided to list out my top 5 ‘non-bookmark bookmarks’.

1 – the receipt. Always the receipt. Thin, flexible and there’s always one around somewhere.

2 – the train ticket. As above, but a bit more sturdy.

3 – the clothes tag. As above, but a bit more pretty.

4 – a ruler. To be fair, a ruler is basically a bookmark with lines on it.

5 – another book. Definitely the most efficient, it’s like some sort of book-ception, especially useful if you’re reading two books as they can just bookmark each other. Aw.

Does anyone else do this? Genuinely curious if it’s a bit weird to not use ‘actual’ bookmarks, or if other people also use anything they have to hand (including other books!).

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